Ed Sheeran’s India Tour: A Star-Studded Affair Hosted by B-Town Celebrities

Ed Sheeran’s visit to India for his concerts has set Bollywood abuzz, with celebrities rolling out the red carpet to welcome the global superstar. Comedian Kapil Sharma and filmmaker Farah Khan were among those who hosted lavish gatherings in honor of the British singer-songwriter.

Farah Khan took to Instagram to share glimpses of her star-studded party with Ed Sheeran, where he bonded with her children, Czar, Anya, and Diva Kunder. In a heartwarming caption, Farah reminisced about Ed’s previous visit, highlighting his kindness in spending time with her kids despite not being allowed at the grown-up party area.

Celebrities flooded Farah Khan’s post with adorable reactions, expressing their joy at the heartwarming moments captured. From black heart emojis to heartfelt messages, the comments reflected the warmth and excitement surrounding Ed Sheeran’s presence in India.

Farah Khan also delighted fans with a video featuring a collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan. The video showcased the duo recreating SRK’s iconic pose from “Om Shanti Om,” accompanied by the song “Deewangi Deewangi.” Farah Khan humorously dubbed the collaboration as “SherKhan,” capturing the magic of directing both Ed Sheeran and Shah Rukh Khan in one frame.

Ed Sheeran’s India tour has not only captivated audiences with his musical performances but also created unforgettable moments of camaraderie and collaboration with Bollywood’s finest. As the excitement continues to soar, fans eagerly anticipate more surprises from Ed Sheeran’s rendezvous with the stars of B-Town.


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