Delhi High Court Directs Ashneer Grover to Remove Social Media Posts and Economic Times Article

The Delhi High Court has intervened in the ongoing dispute between BharatPe founder Ashneer Grover and the company’s board, chaired by former SBI Chairman Rajnish Kumar. In a recent ruling, the court directed Grover to take down his social media posts against BharatPe and Kumar within 48 hours, emphasizing that he cannot tarnish the company’s reputation.

Grover’s posts on social media platform X had accused BharatPe and Kumar of being “petty people,” prompting the court to intervene and order their removal. The court deemed Grover’s post about Kumar as “completely avoidable” and characterized it as an innuendo, considering Kumar’s position as the chairman of BharatPe’s board.

Additionally, the Delhi High Court instructed The Economic Times to remove an article based on letters written by Grover to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), alleging fraud by BharatPe. The court’s decision reflects its commitment to upholding the integrity of corporate reputations and preventing the dissemination of potentially damaging information.

The legal battle between Grover and BharatPe intensified on March 12 when Grover accused Rajnish Kumar of improperly allocating equity shares to himself and increasing his salary significantly. Grover’s allegations, outlined in a letter to the RBI, sought an investigation into Kumar’s actions regarding company shares and remuneration.

In response, a spokesperson for BharatPe dismissed Grover’s allegations as baseless and without merit, describing them as a desperate attempt to tarnish the company’s image. The spokesperson reiterated BharatPe’s commitment to pursuing legal action against Grover and expressed confidence in the judicial process.

Grover attempted to lend credibility to his claims by citing a clean chit from Deloitte, the statutory auditor of Resilient Innovations, BharatPe’s parent entity. However, the court’s directive underscores the need for evidence-backed allegations and responsible communication, especially in sensitive matters involving corporate governance and reputational integrity.

As the legal proceedings continue, stakeholders closely monitor developments in the dispute between Ashneer Grover and BharatPe, recognizing the importance of transparency, accountability, and adherence to legal processes in resolving corporate conflicts.


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