Blackpink’s Lisa and Seventeen’s Mingyu Shine at Bulgari Studio Event in Seoul

In the realm of global luxury brands, Blackpink’s Lisa and Seventeen’s Mingyu stand as shining examples of style and sophistication. Their recent appearance at the Bulgari Studio event in Seoul, South Korea, on March 14th, was a testament to their status as fashion icons, captivating the crowd with their effortless charm and impeccable sense of style.

As faces of Bulgari, Lisa and Mingyu exuded elegance and grace at the event, showcasing the brand’s exquisite jewellery pieces with finesse. Sporting Bulgari jewellery, the duo opted for a minimalistic yet impactful look, perfectly complementing the upscale ambiance of the venue.

Lisa, the Thai rapper, turned heads in a skin-hugging little black dress with a dramatic long trail, accentuating her slender figure. Her sleek bun-like hairdo and strategically placed loose strands added an element of drama to her overall look, drawing attention to her radiant presence. Mingyu, on the other hand, exuded sophistication in a sleek black blazer-pants ensemble, allowing the spotlight to shine on the token Bulgari jewellery adorning his neck.

Throughout the event, Lisa and Mingyu shared light-hearted moments, exchanging jokes and laughter like “two pretty best friends.” Their camaraderie and infectious energy added to the buzz surrounding the event, as they posed together for tabloid snaps, captivating audiences with their undeniable chemistry.

The duo’s fashion prowess extends beyond the borders of South Korea, as they recently made waves at the 2024 Paris Fashion Week. Mingyu graced the Dior Autumn-Winter 2024-25 event on February 27th, while Lisa stole the show at the Louis Vuitton Women’s Fall-Winter show on March 5th. Lisa, in particular, garnered attention for her stunning Bulgari pendant, reportedly valued at $153,200, further solidifying her status as a fashion icon.

Lisa’s recent Bulgari campaign video, showcasing the B.Zero1 jewellery collection, further highlights her audacious style and magnetic presence in the fashion world. With each public appearance, Lisa and Mingyu continue to redefine fashion standards and inspire fans worldwide with their unparalleled sense of style and sophistication.

As they continue to grace red carpets and fashion events, Lisa and Mingyu’s fashion-forward approach and unwavering confidence serve as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring fashionistas everywhere. Their partnership with Bulgari reflects not only their individual style but also their collective impact on the global fashion scene, making them true icons of elegance and refinement.


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