Emma Stone’s Glorious Win Marred by Wardrobe Oopsie: The Fallout on Social Media

At the 96th Academy Awards, Emma Stone shone brightly, clinching her second Best Actress Oscar for her captivating portrayal of Bella Baxter in Yorgos Lanthimos’s “Poor Things.” However, amidst the celebration, a wardrobe malfunction stole some of the spotlight.

As Emma Stone gracefully ascended the stage to claim her golden statuette, she candidly confessed, “My dress is broken. I think it happened during I’m Just Ken. I’m pretty sure,” referencing Ryan Gosling’s performance at the ceremony. Her plea, “Don’t look at the back of my dress,” resonated with both empathy and amusement from the audience.

Unfortunately, the mishap didn’t end on stage. Louis Vuitton, the designer behind Emma Stone’s attire, exacerbated the situation by posting images of the actress in the flawed dress on their official Instagram handle. The move ignited a firestorm of criticism from netizens.

A cursory glance at the comments section of the post reveals a mix of sarcasm and disappointment. Comments like “High quality dresses (my dress is broken) LOL” and “Now show the back” underscored the mockery directed at the brand. Others took a more serious tone, demanding accountability for the faulty craftsmanship, with one user stating, “Next time work on the craftsmanship! #embarrassing.”

The lack of an apology from Louis Vuitton further fueled the outrage. Netizens expressed solidarity with Emma Stone, emphasizing the humiliation she endured and the potential safety concerns posed by the malfunctioning dress. “She was humiliated and felt unsafe… You stole her moment,” one user lamented.

The incident prompted calls for improvement and empathy in the fashion industry. “Next time make her a dress with better seams,” urged one commenter, echoing the sentiment that Emma Stone’s special moment was marred by preventable flaws.

In conclusion, while Emma Stone’s triumph at the Oscars was undoubtedly commendable, the wardrobe mishap serves as a stark reminder of the importance of quality craftsmanship and sensitivity in the fashion world. As social media continues to amplify voices and hold brands accountable, it’s imperative for designers to prioritize not just aesthetics, but also reliability and respect for the individuals they dress.


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