Ed Sheeran’s Musical Affinity: Exploring His Love for Indian Artists

Ed Sheeran, the global music sensation, has been making headlines in India as he prepares for his much-anticipated Mathematics Tour, slated to enchant Mumbai’s Mahalaxmi Race Course Grounds on March 16. With this being his third concert in the country, it’s evident that Sheeran’s bond with Indian audiences runs deep.

In a recent interview with Brut India, Sheeran unveiled his profound admiration for Indian music and artists, shedding light on his journey of discovery and appreciation for the diverse sounds of the Indian music scene. Reflecting on his previous visits to India, Sheeran recalled attending intimate gatherings with Bollywood luminaries, an experience that ignited his curiosity and passion for Indian music.

Sheeran’s genuine enthusiasm for Indian music is palpable as he shares his admiration for several Indian artists. Among his favorites are Diljit Dosanjh, known for his captivating Punjabi tunes, Armaan Malik, a rising star in the Indian music industry, and King, whose innovative sounds have caught Sheeran’s attention. Expressing his desire to collaborate with King, Sheeran emphasizes his eagerness to embrace the rich tapestry of Indian musical traditions.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Sheeran expressed a profound love for India as a country, extolling its vibrant culture and warm hospitality. Despite his global fame and success, Sheeran has found solace and inspiration in India, forging a deep connection with its people and traditions.

On the professional front, Sheeran’s illustrious career speaks volumes, boasting multiple Grammy awards and a string of chart-topping hits that have captivated audiences worldwide. From the infectious rhythms of “Shape of You” to the heartfelt melodies of “Perfect” and “Thinking Out Loud,” Sheeran’s music transcends borders and resonates with listeners of all backgrounds.

As Sheeran gears up to take the stage once again in India, his embrace of Indian music and culture serves as a powerful testament to the universal language of music. Through his genuine appreciation for Indian artists and his eagerness to collaborate and explore new musical horizons, Sheeran exemplifies the transformative power of music in bridging cultures and fostering unity on a global scale.


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