Unraveling the Royal Drama: Colbert Dives into Prince William’s Alleged Affair and Kate Middleton’s Mysterious Absence

In a recent episode of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” the American talk show host delved into the swirling rumors surrounding the British royal family. With the spotlight on Prince William’s alleged affair with Lady Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and the puzzling absence of Kate Middleton, Colbert didn’t hold back in dissecting the drama that has captivated royal watchers worldwide.

Addressing the long-standing whispers of Prince William’s extramarital involvement, Colbert humorously navigated through the intricacies of royal scandals, mischievously mispronouncing the challenging surname “Cholmondeley” to the amusement of his audience. His segment shed light on the growing speculation fueled by social media chatter and mainstream media attention, turning what began as light-hearted memes into a full-blown public relations challenge for the royal family.

Colbert’s commentary didn’t stop at the alleged affair but also delved into Kate Middleton’s conspicuous absence from public view since December 25, 2023. While Kensington Palace attributed her absence to a planned abdominal surgery followed by a period of recovery, Colbert, echoing the sentiments of concerned fans, raised questions about the timing and duration of her withdrawal from official duties.

With wit and charm, Colbert’s segment on the royal drama provided a comedic yet thought-provoking take on the intricacies of monarchy, scandal, and public perception. As the saga unfolds, it seems the world’s fascination with the British royal family remains as strong as ever, with late-night hosts like Colbert leading the charge in dissecting the headlines and keeping audiences entertained with their unique brand of humor and insight.


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