Navigating Mumbai’s Coastal Road: Insights from Urban Planning and Transport Experts

Assessing the Impact

After the recent opening of the Coastal Road to the public, mid-day embarked on a journey along with urban planning and transport experts to evaluate the potential benefits of this infrastructure project for Mumbaikars. The expedition commenced at S V Road in Bandra at 9:22 am, with Alan Abraham, a city planner, and Chetan Bordawekar, a transport expert, leading the way.

Bandra Worli Sea Link (BWSL) Analysis: A 15-Year Review

Our first stop was the Bandra Worli Sea Link (BWSL), a crucial component of the Coastal Road project inaugurated in 2009. Despite paying a toll of Rs 85 for utilizing the 4.2 km bridge, we reached Worli by 9:31 am. Alan Abraham noted that despite authorities’ projections of 1.5 lakh daily vehicles, only around 40,000 vehicles currently utilize the bridge. This discrepancy raised questions about the efficacy of the project.

Chetan Bordawekar, however, offered a different perspective, highlighting the bridge’s role in alleviating congestion along the Mahim route. He emphasized that those willing to pay the toll experience significantly reduced travel times, contrasting with the congested Bandra-Worli route.

Navigating the Coastal Road: Challenges and Concerns

As we transitioned from the sea bridge to the Coastal Road, traffic slowed down, illustrating the challenges of integrating the new infrastructure with existing road networks. Chetan Bordawekar pointed out the lack of last-mile connectivity, exacerbating congestion and causing delays.

Arriving at the Amarsons interchange, Alan Abraham raised concerns about the accessibility of public spaces and the need for dedicated lanes for public transport. He highlighted ongoing legal proceedings regarding public access to certain areas along the route.

Observations and Conclusion

Throughout our journey, we encountered recurring issues such as traffic congestion, inadequate infrastructure, and challenges in integrating new roadways with existing networks. The insights provided by urban planning and transport experts shed light on the complexities of urban development projects like the Coastal Road and underscore the importance of comprehensive planning and public consultation in addressing these challenges.

As Mumbai continues to evolve and expand its infrastructure, it is imperative to consider the diverse needs of its residents and ensure that development initiatives are sustainable, equitable, and conducive to the city’s long-term growth and well-being.


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