Insights from Namita Thapar: Shark Tank India Season 3 and Dealing with Trolls

Shark Tank India Experience: Anupam Mittal’s Advice and Investment Approach

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit, Namita Thapar, the Executive Director of India Business at Emcure Pharmaceuticals, provided intriguing insights into her experiences on Shark Tank India Season 3. One notable anecdote she shared involved Anupam Mittal, the founder of, advising an entrepreneur seeking angel investment for a gaming startup.

Thapar disclosed that Mittal’s suggestion to communicate through a specific platform, instead of providing direct contact information, was likely a polite way of declining interest. This highlights the subtle nuances of investment interactions and underscores the importance of genuine interest and transparency in business dealings.

Thapar’s observation sheds light on the complexities entrepreneurs face when seeking investment and the significance of discerning genuine interest from polite disinterest.

Qualifications for Business Advice: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

In response to a question regarding her qualifications to advise entrepreneurs despite not having built her own business, Thapar emphasized the entrepreneurial mindset required to scale a family business. She pointed out that scaling a family business demands innovation, strategic thinking, and risk-taking—qualities synonymous with entrepreneurship.

Thapar’s perspective challenges the notion that business advice must solely stem from personal entrepreneurial ventures, highlighting the value of diverse experiences and insights in guiding business growth and management strategies.

Navigating Online Trolls: Developing Resilience

Thapar also shared her approach to handling online trolls, acknowledging that the experience has helped her develop a thicker skin. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to grow from criticism and even finds humor in memes directed at her. Thapar’s positive outlook on dealing with trolls exemplifies resilience and a healthy attitude towards adversity.

Her approach serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining perspective and resilience in the face of criticism and negativity—a valuable lesson for entrepreneurs navigating the online landscape.

Investment Strategy: Staying Informed and Engaged

Furthermore, Thapar revealed her investment strategy, emphasizing her commitment to staying informed and engaged with her investments. She disclosed that she dedicates time every weekend to connect and gather insights, demonstrating her proactive approach to investment management.

Thapar’s dedication highlights the importance of continuous learning and engagement in fostering successful investment portfolios, providing valuable advice for aspiring investors.


Namita Thapar’s AMA session on Reddit offered valuable insights into her experiences on Shark Tank India Season 3, her perspective on business advice, and her approach to handling online trolls and investments. Her anecdotes and observations provide valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and investors alike, emphasizing the importance of resilience, transparency, and proactive engagement in navigating the business landscape.


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