Gaami Press Meet: Vishwak Sen Calls for Industry Support, Chandini Chowdary Raises Awareness

The recent press meet held in Tirupathi by director Vidyadhar Kagita, along with actors Vishwak Sen and Chandini Chowdary, shed light on the challenges faced by their latest film, Gaami, and brought attention to important issues within the film industry.

Vishwak Sen, in particular, made headlines with his statements regarding the film’s reception on the ticketing platform BookMyShow. He expressed gratitude for the support Gaami received but raised concerns about alleged bot activity leading to negative reviews and low ratings. Vishwak urged the film industry to rally behind Gaami and emphasized the need for solidarity and support from industry insiders.

Chandini Chowdary, on the other hand, brought attention to the disparities faced by actresses in the film industry. In a candid moment, she pointed out the lack of attention and questions directed towards actresses during press interactions, highlighting a longstanding issue of gender bias in the industry. Despite the limited opportunity to speak, Chandini gracefully addressed a question about her experience working on Gaami, emphasizing her positive experience despite the challenges.

The Gaami press meet serves as a platform for dialogue and reflection on the dynamics of the film industry, from the challenges of promoting independent films to the gender disparities faced by actresses. Vishwak’s call for industry support underscores the importance of collective action in navigating the competitive landscape of filmmaking, while Chandini’s remarks shed light on the need for greater inclusivity and representation for women in the industry.

As Gaami continues to make waves in the film industry, the press meet serves as a reminder of the broader issues at play within the entertainment world. It is a call to action for industry stakeholders to come together in support of diverse voices and perspectives, paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable film industry for all.


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