From Passion to Enterprise: Hyderabad’s Self-Taught Artists Inspire Through Art Workshops

In the bustling city of Hyderabad, a group of self-taught artists is bringing the joy of creativity to life through their innovative art workshops. Inspired by the words of Greek orator Demosthenes – “small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” – these artists have embarked on a journey to empower others and give wings to their artistic dreams.

Among them is Alisha Avasthi, a native of Erode in Tamil Nadu, whose passion for painting was ignited during a fabric painting workshop at a summer camp in school. Despite pursuing a B Tech and MBA and delving into a corporate career, Alisha never let go of her love for art. It was during a solo trip to Gokarna in 2019 that she encountered Debasree Dey, a fellow traveler who had taken the bold step of quitting her job to conduct art workshops in Pune. Inspired by Debasree’s story, Alisha found the courage to turn her own idea into reality.

Thus, in March 2023, Alisha launched her art venture, “Inspiring Pigments,” with the aim of reigniting the artistic spark in others. Through more than 40 workshops held on weekends at cafes and breweries across Hyderabad, Alisha and her team guide participants through two-hour sessions filled with creativity and self-expression. The workshops, priced at ₹1600 and inclusive of all art materials and a beverage, attract individuals from all walks of life – from those who have lost touch with art since school to others who have never painted before.

What sets Alisha’s workshops apart is their relaxed ambiance and emphasis on self-expression. Participants are encouraged to unleash their creativity freely, with no pressure to adhere to a certain style or technique. Instead, Alisha fosters an environment where individuals can express themselves authentically, adding their unique touch to each artwork.

Drawing inspiration from her travels, Alisha’s workshops explore a variety of themes, from landscapes to abstracts, allowing participants to tap into their inner artist and showcase their personalities through art. Additionally, Alisha also extends her passion for art to corporate well-being and team-building activities, further spreading the joy of creativity in unexpected settings.

As Hyderabad’s art scene continues to flourish, Alisha and her fellow self-taught artists serve as beacons of inspiration, proving that with passion and determination, small opportunities can indeed lead to great enterprises. Through their creative workshops, they are not only nurturing artistic talent but also fostering a community bound by the love of art and self-expression.


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