Ed Sheeran Recreates Iconic Shah Rukh Khan Pose Ahead of Mumbai Concert

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is currently in India as part of his world tour, and he recently delighted fans by recreating the iconic Shah Rukh Khan open-arms pose with the Bollywood megastar himself. The duo shared a heartwarming moment captured on camera, which quickly went viral on social media.

In a video shared on both Shah Rukh Khan and Ed Sheeran’s Instagram accounts, the two stars struck a pose reminiscent of SRK’s iconic pose, with the caption reading: “This is the Shape Of Us spreading love.” Dressed in casual attire, SRK wore a loose shirt with a papercutting print, paired with ripped jeans and sneakers, while Ed Sheeran opted for black pants and a marble print sweatshirt, complemented by his Jordans.

The video also featured the playful rendition of the song ‘Deewangi Deewangi’ from the SRK-starrer ‘Om Shanti Om,’ adding to the nostalgia and excitement surrounding the moment. Fans were quick to flood the comments section with expressions of awe and admiration for the camaraderie between the two stars.

Notably, director-choreographer Farah Khan, who directed ‘Om Shanti Om,’ expressed her delight in the comments, stating, “If this was the last thing I directed I’ll die happy.” She further joked about her unique opportunity to direct both Ed Sheeran and Shah Rukh Khan, coining the term “SherKhan” for the occasion.

This isn’t the first time Ed Sheeran has graced Indian shores with his presence. His ongoing tour, titled ‘+-=/x Tour (Mathematics),’ is a celebration of his four albums, including Plus, Multiply, Divide, Equals, and Subtract. With his concert in Mumbai scheduled for March 16, fans are eagerly anticipating an unforgettable performance from the global sensation.

As Ed Sheeran continues to captivate audiences worldwide with his infectious music and endearing personality, his collaboration with Shah Rukh Khan serves as a testament to the power of music in bringing people together across cultures and continents. The moment shared between the two stars is a reminder of the magic of friendship and camaraderie in the world of entertainment.


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