Behind the Scenes of the Heartfelt Wedding Song “Bin Tere” by Zahrah S Khan

Zahrah S Khan, the main voice behind the trending wedding song “Bin Tere” for Rakulpreet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani, shares her heartfelt experience of contributing to this special moment in their lives. In an exclusive interview, Zahrah reveals the behind-the-scenes story and the emotions that went into creating the beautiful track.

For Zahrah, being part of “Bin Tere” was more than just singing; it was about pouring her heart and soul into a song crafted for a pure and natural moment of love between two people. She describes the experience as beautiful and meaningful, knowing that her work was associated with such an important day in Rakul and Jackky’s lives.

The idea for the song stemmed from Jackky’s desire to create something special for his wife, Rakul, that would reflect their love, journey, and bond. The surprise element added to the charm, with Rakul being unaware of the song’s existence until later. Zahrah expresses joy at the song’s popularity on social media, with people across platforms embracing it and sharing their love through reels and videos.

Reflecting on the power of social media, Zahrah acknowledges its role in amplifying the reach and impact of songs like “Bin Tere.” She views platforms like Instagram reels as a boon for artists to connect directly with their audience and for fans to engage with their favorite artists. Social media provides a unique space for expression and connection, allowing artists like Zahrah to share their work and receive immediate feedback and appreciation.

As “Bin Tere” continues to touch hearts and spread love, Zahrah S Khan’s contribution to this memorable wedding song remains a testament to the power of music to capture and celebrate special moments in life. With social media as a powerful tool for amplification, songs like “Bin Tere” have the potential to resonate and connect with audiences worldwide, leaving a lasting impression of love and joy.


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