Recap: Winners of the 38th Japan Golden Disc Awards Announced!

The excitement was palpable as the winners of the 38th Japan Golden Disc Awards were unveiled, celebrating excellence in the music industry. Let’s take a closer look at the deserving winners across various categories:

Artist Awards:
K-Pop sensation Seventeen emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious title of ‘Best Asian Artist.’ Additionally, the ‘Best New Asian Artist’ honor went to LE SSERAFIM, with their exceptional talent shining through. Among the top three new artists, LE SSERAFIM also stood out, securing the title of ‘Best New Asian Artist.’

Album Awards:
Seventeen showcased their dominance in the Album Awards categories, claiming all three spots on the ‘Best Asian Albums (Top 3)’ list with their stellar albums ‘FML,’ ‘Always Yours,’ and ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN.’ Among these, ‘FML’ stood out as the ‘Best Asian Album’ of 2023, solidifying Seventeen’s position as an unstoppable force in the music scene. Additionally, the group’s Japan tour ‘Be The Sun’ was rightfully recognized as the ‘Best Asian Tour,’ further highlighting their immense popularity and success.

Digital Awards:
In the Digital Awards categories, BTS Jungkook’s collaboration track “Seven” feat. Latto emerged victorious, earning the prestigious ‘Download Award’ in the Asian division. Meanwhile, “OMG” by NewJeans captured hearts and ears alike, earning the esteemed ‘Streaming Award’ in the Asian division.

Congratulations to all the winners for their remarkable achievements and contributions to the music industry! Their talent, dedication, and creativity continue to inspire fans worldwide, shaping the landscape of music and leaving a lasting impact on listeners everywhere.

For the complete list of winners and more updates from the 38th Japan Golden Disc Awards, stay tuned for further announcements and highlights.


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