Mumbai’s Coastal Road: A Game-Changer for Commuters

The unveiling of the southbound carriageway of Mumbai’s Coastal Road, stretching from Worli Sea Face to Princess Street Flyover, marked a significant milestone for the city’s commuters. For many Mumbaikars, the inaugural drive through this newly constructed route was nothing short of a joyride, as it transformed their daily commute into a seamless and efficient journey.

One of the most notable aspects of the Coastal Road’s debut was the dramatic reduction in travel time. Advocates like Mohan Raj Singhi, who frequently travels from Ahmedabad to Nariman Point for work, were pleasantly surprised by the significant decrease in their commute time. Singhi’s experience of reaching Churchgate from the airport in just 30 minutes, compared to the usual hour-long journey, underscored the impact of the new infrastructure on improving connectivity and reducing congestion.

Residents like Naved Ansari from Thane and Shubham Kothari from Worli echoed similar sentiments, expressing their delight at the convenience and efficiency of the Coastal Road. Ansari’s experience of reaching town from his home in less than 10 minutes highlighted the seamless connectivity facilitated by the project. Kothari, on the other hand, emphasized the need for more such infrastructure projects in Mumbai to address the city’s growing transportation needs.

The Coastal Road’s impact extended beyond mere convenience, with commuters like Deepak Narkar and Vipul Surana acknowledging its transformative effect on their daily lives. Narkar’s surreal experience of reaching Marine Drive from Worli Sea Face in just 10 minutes reflected the newfound accessibility provided by the Coastal Road. Surana, representing AECOM, the general consultant for the project, noted the enthusiastic response from citizens, attributing it to the absence of tolls and meticulous planning.

To ensure a smooth and regulated flow of traffic, marshals were deployed along the Coastal Road, enforcing strict entry regulations before 8 am and after 8 pm. This measure not only ensured the safety of commuters but also prevented unauthorized access during peak hours, contributing to the overall efficiency of the expressway.

In conclusion, the inauguration of Mumbai’s Coastal Road represents a significant milestone in the city’s transportation infrastructure. By providing faster, smoother, and more efficient connectivity, the Coastal Road is poised to redefine the commuting experience for millions of Mumbaikars, setting a new standard for urban transportation in India’s financial capital.


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