Ensuring Fair Mobility: Rapido Calls for Inclusive Approach in Bengaluru

In the wake of the ban on electric bike taxis in Karnataka, the bike taxi aggregator Rapido has made a compelling statement, advocating for a more inclusive approach to mobility in Bengaluru. The company emphasized that autorickshaws and their unions should not monopolize the city’s mobility space, but rather, allow other operators to contribute to the transportation ecosystem and earn a livelihood.

Promoting Diversity in Mobility:
Rapido’s statement comes amidst discussions surrounding the Centre’s advisory directing authorities to issue contract carriage permits for motorcycles under the Motor Vehicles Act. This move opens up opportunities for bike taxi operators like Rapido to offer their services and cater to the diverse mobility needs of Bengaluru’s residents.

Opportunities for All:
Arvind Ghimiray, representing the Bike Taxi Association in Karnataka, highlighted the ample opportunities available for all stakeholders in the mobility sector. With millions of rides being taken on various bike aggregator apps each week, Ghimiray stressed that there is enough demand to support multiple operators, including autorickshaws and bike taxis. By embracing diversity and competition, all operators can thrive and contribute to the city’s dynamic transportation landscape.

A Call for Collaboration:
Rapido’s statement serves as a call to action for collaboration and inclusivity in Bengaluru’s mobility sector. Rather than monopolizing the market, there is a need for cooperation among different transportation providers to ensure efficient, accessible, and affordable options for commuters across the city.

As Bengaluru continues to evolve and grow, it is imperative to foster an environment where various mobility solutions can coexist and complement each other. Rapido’s advocacy for inclusivity reflects a broader trend towards embracing diversity and innovation in urban transportation. By working together, stakeholders can create a vibrant and sustainable mobility ecosystem that benefits everyone in the city.


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