Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser’s Insights on Global Economy and Resilience in 2024

In a recent interview with MC Govardhana Rangan and Bhaskar Dutta, Citigroup CEO Jane Fraser shared her insights on the economic outlook for 2024 and highlighted key factors shaping global dynamics. Here are the edited excerpts:

1. Assessing Global Growth: Fraser acknowledges the slowdown in growth across various parts of the world, particularly in the US. However, she expresses optimism about a potential “soft landing” for major economies emerging from the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, Fraser points out the resilience of consumers and healthy corporate balance sheets as positive indicators.

2. Focus on Geopolitics: Fraser emphasizes the significance of geopolitics in shaping the economic landscape of 2024. With several elections scheduled, she anticipates significant impacts on macroeconomic forces in the medium term. Additionally, transformative technologies are expected to play a crucial role, with some countries leading in innovation while others lag behind.

3. Themes of Resiliency: Looking ahead, Fraser identifies resiliency as a key theme for the coming decade. Various aspects such as food security, energy security, and green initiatives will require investment and attention. She also mentions the importance of addressing fiscal, financial, defense, and supply chain challenges, all of which present opportunities for India.

Fraser’s insights shed light on the complex array of issues facing the global economy in 2024. While acknowledging the challenges ahead, she remains optimistic about the potential for resilience and growth, emphasizing the need for strategic investments and collaboration to navigate the evolving landscape effectively.


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