Captured: Key Suspect in Bengaluru Rameshwaram Cafe Blast Case

In a significant breakthrough, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has apprehended a key suspect in the Bengaluru Rameshwaram Cafe blast case. The suspect, identified as Shabbir, was taken into custody from Bellary district in Karnataka, according to sources within the anti-terror agency.

The interrogation of the suspect is currently underway, shedding light on the events leading up to the low-intensity blast that occurred at the popular cafe on March 1st. Ten individuals were injured in the explosion triggered by an IED bomb, set off using a timer.

The investigation gained momentum following the release of several CCTV videos by the police, featuring the main suspect. Images captured on March 1st depicted the individual, believed to be around 30 years old, carrying a plate of idli inside the cafe while sporting a shoulder bag suspected to contain the explosive device.

Subsequent CCTV footage revealed the suspect changing his attire and appearance multiple times post-explosion, indicating a deliberate attempt to evade authorities. Despite the disguise, investigators managed to track his movements, leading to his eventual capture.

The NIA had announced a reward of Rs 10 lakhs for any information leading to the suspect’s arrest, underscoring the gravity of the case and the agency’s determination to bring those responsible to justice.

As the interrogation progresses, authorities remain vigilant, determined to unravel the full extent of the plot and ensure the safety and security of citizens. The swift action by law enforcement agencies serves as a testament to their unwavering commitment to combating terrorism and safeguarding public welfare.

The apprehension of the key suspect marks a significant milestone in the ongoing investigation, providing hope for closure to the victims and their families while sending a strong message to those perpetrating acts of terror – that they will be pursued relentlessly and held accountable for their actions.

The nation awaits further updates as the investigation unfolds, with anticipation for a thorough examination of the evidence and the swift administration of justice.


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