Introducing Ruby Sear: BTS V’s Co-Star in FRI(END)S Flash Video Revealed

In the realm of K-pop, every teaser drop sends fans into a frenzy of speculation and anticipation. The recent Flash Video teaser for V’s upcoming music video has ignited a wildfire of curiosity, particularly surrounding his enigmatic co-star. As BTS ARMYs eagerly await the main music video release on March 15, the spotlight shines on the captivating actress who shares the screen with Kim Tae Hyung.

Enter Ruby Sear, the 23-year-old British actress poised to make waves in the world of K-pop. With her breakout role in the Netflix series The Gentlemen, Sear has already begun carving a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Portraying the mysterious character Gabrielle in Guy Ritchie’s action comedy, Sear’s performance captivates audiences, leaving them craving more.

Sear’s collaboration with BTS marks a significant milestone in her career, as she steps into the realm of K-pop alongside one of its brightest stars. Her portrayal in V’s music video hints at another enigmatic character, shrouded in intrigue and allure. As the countdown to the video’s release ticks away, fans eagerly anticipate the unfolding narrative between Sear and Tae Hyung’s characters.

Despite her rising popularity, Sear remains grounded, navigating the whirlwind of attention with grace. With the influx of BTS fans showering her with admiration, Sear’s Instagram posts have seen an overwhelming response, prompting her to disable comments temporarily. Yet, her genuine talent and undeniable presence ensure that her journey in the spotlight has only just begun.

As the clock ticks closer to the premiere of the FRI(END)S music video, anticipation reaches fever pitch. BTS ARMYs stand ready to embrace Ruby Sear, welcoming her into their vibrant community with open arms. With her magnetic performance and undeniable chemistry with V, Sear is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world stage, captivating hearts and minds alike.

March 15 heralds not only the release of a music video but the dawn of a new chapter for both V and Ruby Sear. Together, they embark on a journey of artistic collaboration, weaving a tale of love, mystery, and intrigue that transcends borders and captivates audiences worldwide. As the curtain rises, the world eagerly awaits the magic they will create together.


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