Karnataka’s Firm Stance: No Release of Cauvery River Water to Tamil Nadu, Clarifies Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar

In the midst of escalating tensions and accusations regarding the release of Cauvery river water to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister D K Shivakumar has vehemently asserted the state’s position. Amid protests and political scrutiny, Shivakumar clarified the government’s stance, emphasizing that there is no intention to release Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu at this juncture.

Addressing reporters, Shivakumar emphasized the meticulous monitoring of water flow to Tamil Nadu, ensuring accountability for every drop. He debunked allegations suggesting an indiscriminate release, highlighting the strategic management of water resources.

The allegations, predominantly voiced by the opposition BJP and farming communities, accused the Congress government of prioritizing political alliances over the welfare of Karnataka’s farmers. The specter of drought and water scarcity amplifies the urgency of ensuring water remains within Karnataka’s borders.

Shivakumar underscored the rationale behind the discharge of water from the Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS) dam, clarifying its intended purpose. He articulated that the water release was primarily aimed at replenishing the Shiva Balancing Reservoir at Malavalli to sustain water supply to Bengaluru, Karnataka’s capital city.

The Deputy Chief Minister’s remarks seek to assuage concerns among Karnataka’s populace, especially farmers grappling with water shortages. By elucidating the pragmatic considerations guiding water management decisions, Shivakumar aims to foster transparency and trust in the government’s actions.

The contentious issue underscores the delicate balance between political interests, regional dynamics, and the imperative of equitable resource allocation. As Karnataka navigates the complexities of water governance, Shivakumar’s assurances offer a semblance of clarity amid a charged atmosphere.

In essence, Karnataka’s stance underscores its commitment to prioritize the welfare of its citizens while navigating the intricate web of inter-state water disputes. As the discourse evolves, the imperative remains to foster constructive dialogue and sustainable solutions that safeguard the interests of all stakeholders involved.


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