Excitement Builds as Star-Studded Lineup Revealed for JTBC’s New Variety Show

The anticipation in the entertainment world is palpable as JTBC prepares to unveil its latest variety program, “My Name is Gabriel,” featuring a star-studded cast set to captivate audiences.

Media outlets recently buzzed with excitement as reports surfaced about the illustrious lineup, including renowned actors Ji Chang Wook, Yeom Hye Ran, and Park Bo Gum, along with celebrated entertainers Park Myung Soo and Hong Jin Kyung. Additionally, the inclusion of BLACKPINK’s Jennie heightened the anticipation for the show’s premiere.

According to a representative from JTBC, the cast members are poised to embark on a unique journey under the guidance of PD Kim Tae Ho, best known for his work on the iconic MBC program, “Infinite Challenge.” The show promises an immersive experience as the cast delves into the lives of individuals abroad, offering viewers a glimpse into diverse cultures and experiences.

While the participation of esteemed artists like Ji Chang Wook and Park Bo Gum has been confirmed, the status of Jennie’s appearance remains pending, adding an air of intrigue to the program’s unveiling.

With filming scheduled to commence in early March and the premiere slated for June, fans eagerly await the unfolding of “My Name is Gabriel.” As the production team prepares to showcase the talents and camaraderie of its star-studded ensemble, viewers can anticipate an engaging and entertaining exploration of human experiences and connections across borders.

As updates continue to emerge, enthusiasts are urged to stay tuned for further developments and revelations regarding JTBC’s latest venture into the realm of variety programming. The countdown to “My Name is Gabriel” has begun, promising an unforgettable journey into the lives of others and the diverse tapestry of human existence.


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