DK Shivakumar Asserts: No Cauvery Water Release to Tamil Nadu Amid Crisis

Karnataka’s Deputy Chief Minister, D K Shivakumar, has emphatically declared that there will be no release of Cauvery river water to Tamil Nadu under any circumstances. Amidst mounting criticism and protests over alleged water diversion from the Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS) dam to Tamil Nadu, Shivakumar clarified that the discharge was solely intended for Bengaluru’s water supply, not for the neighboring state.

Addressing reporters, Shivakumar reiterated the government’s stance, emphasizing that no Cauvery river water would be diverted to Tamil Nadu at present. He underscored the meticulous monitoring of water flow, stating that any release of water would be meticulously accounted for. Shivakumar, who also serves as the water resources minister, assured that even if water were to be released, it would take four days to reach Tamil Nadu.

In response to allegations and protests, Shivakumar vehemently denied the notion of foolishly releasing water to Tamil Nadu. He emphasized the government’s commitment to prioritizing the interests of Karnataka’s farmers and citizens, dismissing any notion of favoritism towards political alliances or external pressures.

The assertions come amidst heightened tensions and concerns over water scarcity and drought conditions gripping many parts of Karnataka. The Raitha Hitarakshana Samiti staged protests in Mandya, alleging water diversion from the KRS dam to Tamil Nadu. The opposition BJP also criticized the Congress government, accusing it of prioritizing the interests of its alliance partner, the DMK in Tamil Nadu, over the welfare of Karnataka’s farmers and citizens.

Shivakumar clarified that the discharge from the KRS dam aimed to replenish the Shiva Balancing Reservoir at Malavalli, crucial for pumping water to Bengaluru. This clarification underscores the government’s efforts to address water management challenges and ensure equitable distribution of resources amidst mounting pressure and scrutiny.

The assurance provided by Shivakumar reflects the government’s commitment to responsible governance and addressing the pressing needs of its constituents. As the water crisis persists, collaborative efforts and transparent communication remain essential in navigating the complexities of water resource management and mitigating the impact of drought on communities across Karnataka.

Stay tuned for further developments as the government continues to address water scarcity challenges and prioritize the welfare of Karnataka’s citizens amid evolving environmental and socio-economic conditions.


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