Affordable Meals: Breakfast for Rs 5 and Lunch for Rs 10 at Indira Canteen, Bengaluru Airport

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s recent unveiling of an Indira Canteen at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport marks a significant stride towards providing affordable meals to the residents of Bengaluru and beyond. With breakfast priced at Rs 5 and lunch at Rs 10, the initiative aims to ensure access to nutritious meals at subsidized rates.

The ambitious plan includes the establishment of 600 Indira Canteens across Karnataka, with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) overseeing the operation of these facilities. The canteen at the airport, constructed alongside its kitchen, required an investment of Rs 1.35 crore.

The presence of the Indira Canteen at the airport holds immense importance as it is expected to cater to around 2,000 customers daily, primarily airport cab drivers and bus drivers of the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation. This move underscores the government’s commitment to addressing food insecurity and promoting social welfare among vulnerable populations.

The affordability and accessibility of meals offered by the Indira Canteen serve as a lifeline for low-income groups and individuals facing economic hardships. By providing nutritious meals at nominal prices, the initiative aims to alleviate hunger and enhance food security across communities.

Siddaramaiah’s vision to expand the Indira Canteen network statewide reflects a proactive approach towards inclusive development and equitable distribution of resources. Through collaborative efforts, the government seeks to foster a culture of accessibility and affordability in accessing basic amenities, including food.

As the Indira Canteen initiative gains momentum, it exemplifies the government’s commitment to addressing socio-economic challenges and promoting the well-being of marginalized communities. By leveraging partnerships and mobilizing resources, initiatives like the Indira Canteen contribute to building resilient and inclusive societies.

The launch of the Indira Canteen at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport heralds a new era in the state’s efforts to ensure food security and social welfare for all its residents. Stay tuned for updates as the Indira Canteen initiative continues to make strides in transforming Karnataka’s landscape of accessibility and affordability in food services.


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