Unraveling the Mystery: IU and V’s Love Story in “Love Wins All” Music Video

The month-long debate surrounding IU’s music video “Love Wins All,” featuring BTS member V, has finally been settled, but the burning question remains: Did their characters find their happy ending?

Debuting on January 24, “Love Wins All” captivated audiences with its cinematic visual treat and the explosive chemistry between IU and V, who portrayed star-crossed lovers from a dystopian world. However, the ambiguous ending left many puzzled as the ruthless cube destroyed their bodies, leaving only their clothes behind. Did they die? Did they never get a chance to marry?

IU’s recent 2024 IU H.E.R. World Tour Concert in Seoul offered some clarity. During her speech at the KSPO DOME, she shared an exclusive scene from the “Love Wins All” music video for the VCR, igniting a buzz across social media platforms.

In the unseen footage, V is behind the wheel of a car with IU seated on his lap, dressed for a wedding, their arms entwined. The atmosphere is dreamy, and they appear at ease with each other, suggesting a happy conclusion to their love story.

This portrayal stands in sharp contrast to the original music video’s depressing climax, leaving fans intrigued and hopeful for a happier outcome for the characters.

As the debate settles and new revelations emerge, the mystery surrounding IU and V’s love story in “Love Wins All” continues to captivate audiences, proving the enduring power of their chemistry and storytelling prowess.

Stay tuned as IU’s world tour unfolds and more insights into the enchanting world of “Love Wins All” are revealed, promising an unforgettable journey for fans and music lovers alike.


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