The Unlikely Journey: 3 Schoolgirls’ Quest to Meet BTS in South Korea

In a remarkable yet unexpected turn of events, three schoolgirls from a village in Karur district embarked on a daring adventure with the sole purpose of meeting their beloved K-pop stars, BTS, in Seoul, South Korea.

Aged 13 and students of Class 8 in a state-run school, these passionate fans of BTS were driven by their love for music and dance to undertake a journey into the unknown. With little money and without passports, they set their sights on the South Korean capital, Seoul, where their favorite stars awaited.

Their journey began on January 4 when they quietly left their homes and embarked on a train from Erode to Chennai, armed with determination and a dream. Despite having only Rs 14,000 in savings, they believed fervently that they could make their way to Seoul, choosing Visakhapatnam as their departure point.

As news of their disappearance spread, their parents lodged a complaint with Karur police, sparking a statewide search operation. Undeterred by the challenges they faced, the girls pressed on, securing a room in a Chennai hotel and clinging to the hope of boarding a ship to Seoul without passports.

However, reality soon caught up with them, and their desperate attempts to proceed left them exhausted and drained of energy. With no viable options left, they reluctantly boarded a train from Chennai, returning home with their dreams unfulfilled but their spirits undimmed.

The story of these three schoolgirls serves as a testament to the power of passion and determination, as well as the enduring influence of music and fandom. Despite the odds stacked against them, they dared to dream and took bold steps to chase their aspirations, embodying the resilience and spirit of youth.

As they return home, their journey may have ended, but their story continues to inspire others to pursue their dreams with courage and conviction. And perhaps, one day, their paths may cross with their idols, BTS, in a tale of fate and destiny yet to unfold.

The saga of these three schoolgirls stands as a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures begin with the simplest of dreams.


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