Sneak Peek: SEVENTEEN’s “Seventeenth Heaven” Mini-Album Highlights Revealed

SEVENTEEN’s devoted fanbase, known as Carats, is in for a treat as they get a sneak peek of the music to come on the group’s upcoming mini-album, “Seventeenth Heaven.” Recently, Hybe released a “highlight medley” providing glimpses into the seven songs featured on this highly anticipated project.

The highlight medley video showcases SEVENTEEN members posing for videos and dancing across various sets, with snippets of the songs playing in the background. Among the tracks on the new album, fans can look forward to “SOS,” produced by Marshmello, along with upbeat tunes like “Diamond Days” and “Back 2 Back,” described as heartfelt odes to their dedicated fans.

Each unit within the 13-member group takes on specific tracks: the performance unit presents “Back 2 Back,” the hip-hop unit delivers “Monster,” and the vocal unit serenades listeners with “Yawn.” The preview for “Yawn,” written by Woozi, hints at a poignant song showcasing the group’s vocal prowess and emotional depth.

SEVENTEEN’s mini-album is slated for release on October 23 at 5 a.m. ET and has already garnered an all-time high of preorder sales, surpassing 4.6 million units. This release follows the success of their previous projects, including the expansive 27-track project “Always Yours” and the impactful mini-album “FML.”

In a special edition zine with Rolling Stone earlier this year, SEVENTEEN discussed their musical journey and approach to connecting with fans worldwide. Reflecting on their English-language single “Darl+ing,” rapper Vernon highlighted the significance of the plus sign, symbolizing the ongoing nature of their relationship with both their music and Carats.

Leader S.Coups emphasized the group’s commitment to sharing their message across languages, acknowledging the effort fans put into understanding their music regardless of their native language.

“Seventeenth Heaven” Track List:

  1. “SOS”
  2. “음악의 신 (God of Music)”
  3. “Diamond Days”
  4. “Back 2 Back”
  5. “Monster”
  6. “하품 (Yawn)”
  7. “Headliner”

As the release date approaches, excitement builds among Carats worldwide as they eagerly anticipate diving into the musical journey that SEVENTEEN has crafted with “Seventeenth Heaven.” Stay tuned for an unforgettable listening experience from one of K-pop’s most beloved groups.


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