SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Nearly Reveals DK’s Phone Number: A Hilarious Moment

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua, known for his quirky sense of humor, nearly caused a frenzy when he almost revealed member DK’s phone number during a hilarious incident. While promoting their song in South Korea, SEVENTEEN members found themselves in an amusing situation during an interview on a music show.

During the interview, Joshua, Jeonghan, Woozi, and DK were present when Joshua decided to surprise DK in a memorable yet unexpected manner. Joshua began reciting what seemed like DK’s phone number, starting with “Gong- 010-3773..” The term “Gong” signifies zero, and “010” represents a basic initial phone number in South Korea. DK’s reaction ranged from shock to uncontrollable laughter as Joshua continued with his playful banter.

DK, though surprised, couldn’t help but laugh and play along, asking, “Mine?” Other members and the MCs joined in the laughter as DK jokingly labeled Joshua as “crazy.” The incident quickly went viral, with fans creating memes and humorous content around the memorable moment.

Recent SEVENTEEN Activities:

SEVENTEEN has been actively engaged in various activities, including the release of their record-breaking album “FML” in April 2023. The group recently held its FOLLOW concert series in Seoul, captivating fans with an electrifying setlist and unforgettable performances. Fancams of SEVENTEEN members performing highly anticipated unit songs like “Fire,” “I Don’t Understand But I Luv You,” and “Dust” circulated widely on the internet, further fueling excitement among fans.

SEVENTEEN’s Appearance on Mnet’s M Countdown:

SEVENTEEN’s appearance on Mnet’s M Countdown was not just for laughs; it was also an opportunity to showcase their latest album, “FML.” The vocal team of SEVENTEEN graced the show, where MCs Joohoney of MONSTA X and Miyeon of (G)I-DLE welcomed them for a comeback interview. The vocal team, known for their humor, was asked to create an acrostic poem from their song “Super,” pronounced as “Sonogong” in Korean.

Joshua, in his typical playful style, attempted to create a poem but ended up nearly revealing DK’s phone number, much to the amusement of everyone present.

SEVENTEEN continues to charm audiences with their talent, humor, and camaraderie, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next playful antics and captivating performances. Stay tuned for more memorable moments from this beloved K-pop group!


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