SEVENTEEN’s Heartfelt Tribute: Lighting Up Namsan Tower for CARAT Day

On Wednesday, February 14, SEVENTEEN, the thirteen-piece K-pop boy group, illuminated Namsan Tower in hues of Rose Quartz and Serenity to celebrate CARAT Day, their fandom’s birthday. As is customary in the K-pop world, where idols and their fandoms exchange grand gestures of appreciation, SEVENTEEN orchestrated a touching project to express their gratitude to their beloved CARATs.

CARAT Day holds special significance for SEVENTEEN and their fans, as it marks the anniversary of the official announcement of the fandom’s name on February 14, 2016. What began as Valentine’s Day took on a whole new meaning for the group and their supporters, becoming a day of shared joy and camaraderie.

In a grand display of affection, Namsan Tower served as the canvas for SEVENTEEN’s heartfelt message to their fans. The tower, a renowned tourist spot in South Korea, radiated with colors symbolizing both the group and their devoted followers. Amidst the illuminated backdrop, a poignant message adorned the tower’s monitor:

“What is our happiness? CARATs are our happiness. The moments where SEVENTEEN & CARATs shine together, become the courage to face countless tomorrows. CARATs still shine brighter than anyone else, our shining promise will never be broken.”

The unveiling of this message stirred emotions among fans, who were deeply touched by the sincerity and thoughtfulness of SEVENTEEN’s gesture. The group’s commitment to nurturing their bond with CARATs was evident, as they went above and beyond to make CARAT Day a memorable occasion for everyone involved.

Despite Valentine’s Day being celebrated worldwide, SEVENTEEN and their fandom have established a cherished tradition on the very same day. For eight years now, the group and their fans have united in commemorating CARAT Day, sharing moments of joy and gratitude through various channels of communication.

This year, SEVENTEEN elevated the festivities to new heights, demonstrating their unwavering appreciation for the unwavering support of their fans. As the colors of Rose Quartz and Serenity illuminated the night sky, they served as a beacon of love and unity, symbolizing the enduring bond between SEVENTEEN and their beloved CARATs.

On CARAT Day and beyond, SEVENTEEN and their fans continue to shine brightly together, embodying the true essence of friendship, loyalty, and devotion in the dynamic world of K-pop.


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