SEVENTEEN Reigns Supreme: Insights into the Latest K-Pop Boy Group Brand Value Rankings for March

The Korean Brand Reputation Research Institute recently unveiled the brand value rankings of K-Pop boy groups for the month of March. Analyzing data from February 9 to March 9, the institute scrutinized various factors including consumer participation, media activity, communication, and community engagement to determine the brand reputation index. The rankings not only serve as a gauge of a group’s popularity but also offer valuable insights into consumer trends and habits in the K-Pop industry.

Topping the charts once again is SEVENTEEN, solidifying their reign at the pinnacle of the K-Pop world. With a remarkable brand reputation index of 4,049,176 for March, SEVENTEEN continues to captivate fans with their music, evident in high-ranking phrases such as OST, album, and ticketing. The group’s positive sentiment score of 81.54 percent further underscores their unwavering popularity and strong connection with their fanbase.

Making an impressive debut in the rankings is TWS, securing the second position with a brand reputation index of 2,835,019 for March. Their swift rise speaks volumes about their growing influence and appeal within the industry, setting the stage for a promising future ahead.

Meanwhile, The Boyz maintains their stronghold in the top tier, securing the third position with a brand reputation index of 2,832,031. With consistent performance and engagement, The Boyz continues to solidify their position as one of the most prominent boy groups in K-Pop.

Not far behind is NCT, claiming the fourth spot with a brand reputation index of 2,807,659, showcasing a notable 2.55 percent increase from February. Their upward trajectory reflects their enduring popularity and evolving presence in the competitive landscape of K-Pop.

Rounding out the top five is RIIZE, with a brand reputation index of 2,241,767 for March. Their inclusion underscores the diversity and vibrancy of the K-Pop ecosystem, with newer entrants making significant strides alongside established acts.


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