Sankari’s Overqualified Housewives: Redefining Gender Roles and Empowering Women in the Workforce

In a society where motherhood often comes with a professional penalty, Sankari, a visionary from Chennai, is challenging the status quo and empowering highly qualified women to reclaim their careers through “Overqualified Housewives,” her groundbreaking startup.

Sankari’s journey began after an illustrious career in the IT sector, where she excelled as an MIT graduate in computer science engineering. However, like many women, she encountered barriers upon attempting to return to work after becoming a mother. Despite her qualifications and expertise, she found herself being offered menial positions that did not align with her skills and ambitions.

Refusing to accept the limitations imposed by societal norms, Sankari took matters into her own hands. Leveraging her network and IT skills, she launched Overqualified Housewives in August 2021. The platform serves as a lifeline for highly skilled women, offering them opportunities for remote work, freelance gigs, and upskilling programs tailored to their needs.

Since its inception, Overqualified Housewives has made significant strides in empowering women. Sankari’s dedication and passion have led to the employment of five staff members, upskilling over 2,500 women, and facilitating job placements for more than 500 individuals across various sectors, including IT and healthcare.

But Sankari’s mission extends beyond merely providing job opportunities. She is confronting the systemic biases and gendered expectations that perpetuate the “motherhood penalty” in the workforce. By challenging traditional notions of gender roles and advocating for equal opportunities, Sankari is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future.

The impact of Sankari’s Overqualified Housewives reverberates beyond the confines of Chennai, resonating with women worldwide who face similar challenges. The statistics shared by economist Vidya Mahambare underscore the urgency of addressing gender disparity in the workforce and the vital role initiatives like Overqualified Housewives play in driving change.

In a world where women continue to navigate the complexities of work-life balance and societal expectations, Sankari’s story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Through resilience, innovation, and unwavering determination, she is reshaping the narrative for overqualified housewives everywhere, proving that motherhood should never be a barrier to professional success.

As Sankari’s Overqualified Housewives continues to thrive and expand its reach, one thing remains clear: the future of work is female, and Sankari is leading the charge towards a more equitable tomorrow.


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