S.Coups’ Return: SEVENTEEN Leader’s Individual Fan Sign Event Creates Excitement

SEVENTEEN’s leader, S.Coups, has sent fans into a frenzy with the announcement of his individual fan sign event scheduled for April. After being on hiatus due to a knee injury since August 2023, the K-pop idol confirmed his return to activities in March, much to the delight of his devoted fanbase.

The 11th Mini Album ‘SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN’ Yizhiyu fan sign, S.Coups Carat Ver., will be conducted through video call, allowing fans to interact with the Super singer directly. This announcement comes as a special treat for fans who missed seeing S.Coups at SEVENTEEN’s in-person fan sign event held in January.

Event Details:

  • Participation Method: Fans can participate by purchasing the SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN Carat Version album.
  • Selection Process: Winners will be randomly chosen, giving 30 lucky fans the opportunity to engage in a video call with S.Coups.
  • Application Period: Starting from Thursday, March 7, at 12 PM CST, until Tuesday, March 12, at 6 PM CST.
  • Winning List Announcement: The winning list will be announced on March 13, at 6 PM CST, with further details regarding the signing event shared thereafter.

Support and Encouragement:

Despite facing criticism online regarding his exemption from mandatory military conscription due to an ASL injury, S.Coups has continued to receive overwhelming support from his fans. While exempted from the 18-month military training and duty during peacetime, fans have rallied together to shower him with warm words of encouragement and unwavering love.

As the anticipation builds for S.Coups’ individual fan sign event, fans eagerly await the chance to connect with their beloved idol once again. His return to activities signifies not only a milestone for SEVENTEEN but also a testament to the resilience and dedication of both the group and their passionate fanbase.

Stay tuned for updates on S.Coups’ fan sign event as fans eagerly await the opportunity to share special moments with their favorite leader. Let’s continue to support S.Coups and SEVENTEEN as they embark on this exciting chapter together.


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