Jungkook and Mingyu’s Late Night Live Leaves Fans in Awe

In the world of K-pop, surprises are always around the corner, and Jungkook of BTS recently delivered one that left fans buzzing with excitement. Known for his occasional late-night live sessions on Weverse, Jungkook decided to go live at the unusual hour of 4 AM KST, much to the delight of fans.

However, what made this particular live session truly special was the unexpected appearance of Mingyu from SEVENTEEN. As the two stars connected in the virtual realm, fans were treated to a brief but memorable interaction that sparked a wave of reactions across social media platforms.

The Jungkook X Mingyu Live:

During the short-lived live session, Mingyu couldn’t help but comment on the late hour, to which Jungkook nonchalantly replied, “I know. I do lives at these hours.” Their casual banter and shared laughter painted the picture of a spontaneous hangout between friends, even in the early hours of the morning.

The highlight of the live was when Jungkook and Mingyu shared a lighthearted moment, seemingly enjoying their last drink for the night. Despite the brevity of the live stream, the camaraderie between the two idols was palpable, leaving fans yearning for more.

Twitter Reactions:

Following the brief live session, Twitter erupted with a flurry of reactions from both ARMYs and SVT fans alike. The unexpected pairing of Jungkook and Mingyu sparked awe and excitement among followers of both groups, with many expressing their admiration for the spontaneous interaction.

Fans marveled at the unexpected nature of the live stream and praised the genuine bond shared between Jungkook and Mingyu. Memes, gifs, and heartfelt messages flooded social media timelines, reflecting the overwhelming positivity and joy generated by the impromptu encounter.


As Jungkook and Mingyu’s late-night rendezvous demonstrated, moments of spontaneity and camaraderie are cherished by fans across the K-pop community. While the live session may have been brief, its impact resonated deeply with fans, reaffirming the enduring connections forged between idols and their devoted supporters.

As fans eagerly anticipate future interactions and surprises from their favorite idols, one thing remains certain: the power of genuine friendship and shared moments continues to unite fans and idols alike in a celebration of music, camaraderie, and shared experiences.


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