Shark Tank Insights: Post-Deal Interactions Revealed by Priyasha Saluja

Priyasha Saluja, the dynamic entrepreneur behind The Cinnamon Kitchen, recently shared intriguing insights into her post-deal interactions with the Sharks from Shark Tank India. In a candid revelation, Priyasha shed light on her experiences with businessman Deepinder Goyal and investor Aman Gupta, offering a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the show.

Building Equations Beyond the Tank

For Priyasha Saluja, the journey didn’t end with the final pitch on Shark Tank India. She revealed that she had the opportunity to meet Deepinder Goyal, CEO of Zomato, after the show. Describing the encounter as “nice,” Priyasha emphasized the value of learning from individuals who have built multi-billion-dollar companies from scratch.

Insights from Deepinder Goyal

Priyasha lauded Deepinder Goyal’s humility and down-to-earth demeanor, highlighting the informal atmosphere of the Diwali party he invited her to. She shared her observations on how entrepreneurship grounds individuals, fostering a sense of humility despite monumental success.

Aman Gupta’s Offer and Continued Engagement

In episode two of season three, Aman Gupta extended an offer of Rs 60 lakh for a 5% equity stake in The Cinnamon Kitchen, which Priyasha accepted. However, despite the deal struck on air, Priyasha revealed that she is yet to meet Aman Gupta in person. Nevertheless, they stay connected through WhatsApp, exchanging business insights and updates on the company’s growth trajectory.

The Significance of Post-Deal Interactions

Priyasha’s experiences underscore the importance of fostering relationships beyond the confines of the show. The interactions with Deepinder Goyal and ongoing engagement with Aman Gupta highlight the value of mentorship, networking, and collaborative partnerships in the entrepreneurial journey.

Insights into the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Priyasha Saluja’s revelations provide valuable insights into the post-deal dynamics of Shark Tank India. As entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of business growth, mentorship and networking play pivotal roles in shaping their journey towards success. Priyasha’s experiences serve as a testament to the enduring relationships forged within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, transcending the boundaries of television screens and resonating with aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide.


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