Daniel Henney Collaborates with Kim Nam-joo in “Mirror, Mirror” Narration

Renowned actor Daniel Henney lends his captivating voice to the introduction narration of “Mirror, Mirror,” a track featured in Kim Nam-joo’s upcoming solo single album “BAD,” scheduled for release on the 18th. This unique collaboration between Henney and Kim Nam-joo marks a significant moment in both their careers, drawing anticipation from fans and music enthusiasts alike.

The Collaboration

Daniel Henney, known for his versatile performances in both the United States and Korea, was approached to participate in the narration during his visit to Korea in January. With his charming voice, Henney adds an atmospheric touch to the song, elevating the overall listening experience.

Expectations and Chemistry

This marks Daniel Henney’s first participation in a singer’s album, setting high expectations for the chemistry between him and Kim Nam-joo. Fans anticipate a seamless blend of Henney’s narration and Kim Nam-joo’s vocals, creating a memorable musical experience for listeners.

Kim Nam-joo’s Solo Album

“BAD” is Kim Nam-joo’s first solo album in four years, showcasing her versatility and artistry as a solo artist. Actively involved in the concept planning and production of the album, Kim Nam-joo aims to deliver a captivating musical journey to her audience.

Recent Projects

Daniel Henney recently starred in the movie “Dog Days,” released on the 7th of last month, alongside acclaimed actors like Youn Yuh-jung, Ryu Seung-ryong, and Kim Yunjin. Additionally, his appearance on the JTBC entertainment show “Actor’s Dining Table” garnered significant attention, where he shared insights into his love life, current projects, and screenplay writing endeavors.

As anticipation builds for the release of “BAD” and the captivating narration in “Mirror, Mirror,” fans eagerly await the musical collaboration between Daniel Henney and Kim Nam-joo. With their talent and charisma, they are poised to deliver a memorable musical experience that resonates with audiences worldwide.


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