Manjummel Boys: A Rollercoaster of Friendship and Survival

Chidambaram’s second film, “Manjummel Boys,” is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, friendship, and survival. Inspired by a real-life incident, the movie keeps you hooked from start to finish with its unexpected twists and satisfying payoffs.

The story kicks off casually, with the gang of eleven friends having fun crashing a wedding party and getting into scrapes with a rival group. But things take a serious turn when one of them falls into a ravine, setting off a chain of events that tests the strength of their bond.

What makes “Manjummel Boys” stand out is its attention to detail. Each character has unique traits that come into play later in the story, adding depth to the narrative. As the friends face a life-threatening situation, their childhood memories and shared experiences become crucial in their fight for survival.

The movie’s production design, especially the bat-filled ravine setting, and the cinematography capture the tension and drama of the rescue mission. Sushin Shyam’s background score adds to the immersive experience, while a poignant moment featuring Ilayaraja’s classic song “Kanmani Anbodu Kathalan” pays tribute to the original film.

The casting is spot-on, with each actor delivering exactly what the story demands. The references to the real-life event in the epilogue add a layer of authenticity and impact to the film.

“Manjummel Boys” is not just a survival thriller; it’s a testament to the power of friendship and resilience. Chidambaram proves his mettle once again with this finely crafted movie, cementing his place in the world of cinema. With its gripping storyline and memorable characters, “Manjummel Boys” is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys a good cinematic journey.


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