Sikander Kher Reflects on Privilege and Career in the Film Industry

Actor Sikander Kher, known for his recent role in the third season of the Disney Plus Hotstar series Aarya, opened up about his career journey and the realization of his privilege as the son of renowned actors Anupam Kher and Kirron Kher. In a candid interview with Siddharth Kannan, Sikander acknowledged the fortunate circumstances of his upbringing but also admitted to taking his privilege for granted at certain points in his life.

Having spent 16 years in the Hindi film industry, Sikander candidly reflected on a period when he found himself without work for a couple of years before the rise of OTT platforms. He confessed to not actively seeking opportunities during this time, attributing it to a sense of comfort and complacency. Despite the lack of projects, Sikander found himself in a situation where he didn’t have to worry about paying rent or finding food, thanks to his family’s support.

“I have spent a couple of years sitting at home. I was not going out actively and meeting people, maybe because of comfort. I didn’t have to pay rent, and didn’t have to fight to find food. I lived in Mumbai and in a nice little bubble,” Sikander shared in the interview.

His candid admission sheds light on the dynamics of privilege within the entertainment industry, where individuals from influential backgrounds may not always feel the same pressure to hustle and seek opportunities as their peers.

Sikander’s introspection highlights a broader conversation about the responsibility that comes with privilege and the importance of actively pursuing one’s goals and aspirations, regardless of one’s background. While acknowledging the advantages afforded to him, Sikander’s journey serves as a reminder of the need to remain humble, driven, and proactive in the pursuit of professional success.

As he continues to navigate his career in the evolving landscape of Indian entertainment, Sikander’s candid reflections offer valuable insights into the complexities of privilege and ambition within the film industry, inspiring both aspiring actors and seasoned professionals alike to embrace humility, resilience, and a proactive mindset in their pursuit of excellence.


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