Premalu: A Box Office Success Story

Premalu, the Malayalam romantic comedy, continues to charm audiences and dominate the Indian box office scene with its outstanding performance in its second week. Surpassing expectations, the film not only maintained its momentum but also saw a remarkable surge in collections, recording higher figures in its second week compared to its debut.

Indian Box Office Triumph:

In its second week, Premalu amassed an impressive Rs. 16.75 crore, culminating in a two-week total of Rs. 32.60 crore. Despite facing stiff competition from other releases, including Bramayugam and the recent debut of Manjummel Boys, Premalu exhibited phenomenal resilience. Notably, the film experienced a mere 20 percent drop in collections on Thursday compared to the previous week, showcasing its enduring appeal and strong audience engagement.

International Recognition:

Premalu’s success transcends borders, as it grossed USD 2.50 million (Rs. 21 crore) internationally, contributing to its worldwide gross of Rs. 53.60 crore. This international acclaim underscores the film’s universal appeal and widespread popularity beyond Indian shores.

Regional Dominance:

The heartwarming tale of Premalu resonates most profoundly in its home state of Kerala, where it raked in an impressive Rs. 28.50 crore within two weeks. With projections hinting at a potential crossing of the Rs. 40 crore milestone in Kerala alone, the film’s resonance with local audiences is undeniable. Moreover, Karnataka embraced Premalu warmly, contributing Rs. 2.50 crore to its burgeoning box office success.

Territorial Breakdown:

  • Kerala: Rs. 28.40 crore
  • Karnataka: Rs. 2.50 crore
  • Tamil Nadu: Rs. 90 lakhs
  • Rest of India: Rs. 85 lakhs

Future Prospects:

With its steadfast performance and unwavering audience support, Premalu is poised to continue its upward trajectory. In a less competitive release window, the film could have effortlessly crossed the Rs. 50 crore mark, showcasing its potential for even greater success.

Premalu’s box office triumph is not merely a testament to its cinematic excellence but also to its ability to resonate with audiences across borders and cultures. As it continues to captivate hearts and conquer box office records, Premalu emerges as a true champion of Malayalam cinema, leaving an indelible mark on the industry landscape.


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