Bhushan Kumar Denies Divorce Rumors, Calls Instagram Name Change Astrological

In a recent turn of events, T-Series mogul Bhushan Kumar has addressed swirling rumors surrounding his marriage to Divya Khosla. The speculation began when eagle-eyed social media users noticed a change in Divya’s Instagram handle. Contrary to the whispers of a marital split, Bhushan Kumar’s spokesperson categorically dismissed the divorce claims, asserting that there is no truth to the circulating rumors.

The key clarification came from Bhushan Kumar’s team, highlighting that the modification in Divya’s Instagram name was not a reflection of any marital discord but was guided by astrological considerations. This revelation aims to put an end to the conjectures surrounding the couple’s relationship status. It underscores the importance of discerning between gossip and factual updates, urging the public to refrain from jumping to conclusions.

Bhusan kumar with Divya khosla

The spokesperson emphasized that Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla continue to share a strong and harmonious bond. They urged the media and public alike to respect the privacy of the couple during what seems to be a personal journey influenced by astrological beliefs.

Additionally, reports indicate that Divya Khosla has introduced an extra ‘s’ to her original surname “Khosla.” This alteration, according to sources close to the family, is not linked to any rift but is rooted in a personal choice, symbolizing a new phase or perspective in her life. It highlights the need for restraint when interpreting changes in public figures’ personal details, emphasizing the individual’s right to evolve and express themselves.

As the news cycle often magnifies personal choices of celebrities, Bhushan Kumar’s team aims to set the record straight, urging the public to focus on verified information rather than succumbing to speculative narratives. In a world where social media can amplify rumors, this episode serves as a reminder that understanding the nuances behind public figures’ choices is crucial before drawing conclusions about their personal lives.


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