Capital One to Acquire Discover Financial Services in $35.3 Billion Merger

In a groundbreaking move, Capital One, a leading United States consumer lender backed by Warren Buffett, announced its plans to acquire credit card issuer Discover Financial Services in an all-stock deal valued at $35.3 billion. This strategic merger, reported by Reuters, marks a significant development in the landscape of the US credit card industry.

The consolidation brings together two of the largest US credit card companies with the aim of establishing a formidable payments network capable of competing with industry giants. Richard Fairbank, Chairman and CEO of Capital One, highlighted the merger’s objective to create “a payments network that can compete with the largest payments networks and payments companies.”

By uniting forces, Capital One aims to position itself alongside major US-based payments networks such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, ushering in a new era of competitiveness and innovation in the payments space.

Under the terms of the agreement, Discover shareholders are poised to receive 1.0192 Capital One shares for each Discover share, representing a substantial 26.6 percent premium over Discover’s closing price on Friday. Upon completion of the merger, Capital One shareholders will hold a 60 percent stake in the combined entity, while Discover shareholders will retain approximately 40 percent ownership, according to the official statement.

The merger underscores Capital One’s commitment to strategic growth and market leadership, leveraging synergies to drive value creation and enhance shareholder returns. With a strengthened market position and expanded capabilities, the combined company is poised to unlock new opportunities for innovation and customer-centric solutions in the dynamic payments landscape.

As the transaction progresses, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the realization of synergies, regulatory approvals, and the seamless integration of operations. The merger between Capital One and Discover Financial Services signifies a landmark moment in the evolution of the payments industry, reshaping the competitive landscape and setting the stage for future growth and innovation.

With Warren Buffett’s backing and a clear strategic vision, Capital One embarks on a transformative journey, poised to redefine the contours of the US credit card market and drive sustainable value creation for stakeholders in the years to come. As the merger unfolds, stakeholders stand witness to a pivotal moment in the annals of financial history, poised to shape the future trajectory of the payments ecosystem.


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