Mammootty’s “Bramayugam” Strikes Gold: Box Office Triumph Continues

Mammootty, the revered Malayalam superstar, has once again captivated audiences with his latest cinematic offering, “Bramayugam.” The film, marked by its robust opening, has emerged as a box office powerhouse, delighting fans and critics alike.

Box Office Success:

“Bramayugam” kicked off its theatrical journey with a bang, raking in an impressive Rs 3.1 crore on its debut day. Despite experiencing a slight dip of 20 percent on its second day, the film managed to maintain its momentum, collecting Rs 2.45 crore. However, it was Saturday’s stellar performance that truly stole the spotlight, as the film soared to a remarkable Rs 3.50 crore, pushing its total domestic earnings to a commendable Rs 9.05 crore.

Audience Engagement:

The success of “Bramayugam” is not only reflected in its box office numbers but also in its audience engagement. With an overall Malayalam occupancy rate of 61.23 percent on Saturday, the film showcased its widespread appeal. Night screenings witnessed an astounding 74.18 percent attendance, while evening shows also boasted a substantial audience turnout of 70.26 percent. This resounding response underscores the film’s ability to captivate viewers across different time slots.

What Lies Ahead:

As “Bramayugam” continues its triumphant journey at the box office, expectations are high for a strong Sunday performance. The film’s gripping narrative and Mammootty’s compelling portrayal have undoubtedly struck a chord with audiences, paving the way for further success in the days to come.


“Bramayugam” stands as a testament to Mammootty’s enduring star power and the vibrant landscape of Malayalam cinema. With its stellar box office performance and unwavering audience support, the film has firmly established itself as a must-watch cinematic experience. As cinephiles eagerly await the next chapter in its journey, one thing remains certain: Mammootty’s “Bramayugam” is a cinematic triumph that continues to shine bright on the silver screen.


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