BTS’s Jimin’s FACE Album: Making History on the Deezer Worldwide Chart

Almost a year after its release, BTS member Jimin’s FACE album continues to captivate audiences worldwide, showcasing the enduring popularity and impact of his music. The latest milestone came as Jimin’s song “Like Crazy” soared to the top of the Deezer worldwide chart, marking a historic moment in the music industry.

As the first and only Korean artist to claim the number one spot on the Deezer chart, Jimin’s achievement reverberated across social media platforms, sparking a wave of congratulatory messages and trending hashtags like ‘HISTORY MAKER JIMIN’ and ‘RECORD MAKER’ on Twitter.

The Deezer Worldwide Chart stands as a barometer of global music trends, leveraging streaming data from the Deezer platform to rank the most popular songs across the globe. By offering insights into the preferences and habits of music listeners worldwide, the chart serves as a vital resource for both fans and industry professionals alike.

Jimin’s ascent to the top of the Deezer chart underscores his unwavering appeal and influence as an artist, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries to connect with audiences on a global scale. His success not only reflects the immense talent and artistry encapsulated in his music but also highlights the growing prominence of K-pop on the international stage.

With each accolade and achievement, Jimin continues to solidify his position as a trailblazer in the music industry, inspiring millions of fans around the world with his passion, dedication, and unparalleled talent. As he paves the way for future generations of artists, Jimin’s impact on the global music landscape remains unparalleled, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of listeners worldwide.


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