Unveiling the Truth: Lovkesh Chandravanshi Speaks Out About Aditya Narayan’s Phone Incident

The recent controversy surrounding singer Aditya Narayan’s actions at a concert in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, has stirred up significant attention. Now, Lovkesh Chandravanshi, the student whose phone was allegedly thrown away by the singer, has stepped forward to shed light on the incident.

In a candid revelation, Lovkesh, a third-year BSc student at Rungta College, recounted the sequence of events that transpired during the concert. According to him, he simply desired a selfie like any other fan present at the event. However, things took an unexpected turn when Aditya Narayan reacted vehemently and tossed away his phone.

The suddenness of the incident left Lovkesh baffled. Standing near the stage, he eagerly awaited his turn for a selfie with the singer. As Aditya engaged in performing and capturing moments with fans’ phones, Lovkesh extended his device for a snapshot. However, to his dismay, Aditya purportedly struck his hand with the microphone and discarded his phone into the crowd without any apparent reason.

The ordeal, as narrated by Lovkesh, underscores the unexpected turn of events and the ensuing confusion and disappointment among the audience. His account offers insight into the circumstances surrounding the controversial incident that has garnered widespread attention in recent days.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Lovkesh Chandravanshi’s testimony provides a glimpse into the real-life repercussions of celebrity encounters and highlights the importance of respectful interactions between artists and their admirers.


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