Shah Rukh Khan’s Fashion Foray: A Glimpse into D’Yavol X and Aryan Khan’s Luxury Streetwear Brand

Shah Rukh Khan, the epitome of Bollywood charm and style, continues to captivate fans not only on the silver screen but also in the realm of fashion. Recently, social media platforms have been abuzz with pictures of a shirtless Shah Rukh Khan, featuring in a new campaign for D’Yavol X, the luxury streetwear brand launched by his son, Aryan Khan. The campaign, characterized by Shah Rukh’s signature charisma and long hair reminiscent of his look from the blockbuster film “Pathaan,” has ignited excitement among fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Aryan Khan’s Creative Vision

The inception of D’Yavol X in early 2023 marked Aryan Khan’s foray into the world of fashion. In an exclusive interview with Vogue India, Aryan expressed his passion for apparel as an outlet for creativity, drawing parallels between costume design in filmmaking and the artistry inherent in fashion. Since its launch, D’Yavol X has garnered attention for its unique blend of luxury and streetwear aesthetics, resonating with contemporary trends and urban sensibilities.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Endorsement

Shah Rukh Khan’s unwavering support for his son’s venture has been evident from the outset. Not only has the acclaimed actor actively promoted D’Yavol X, but he has also become a prominent figure in the brand’s promotional campaigns. Aryan Khan’s directorial debut with Shah Rukh in the first ad campaign further underscored the collaborative spirit and familial bond driving D’Yavol X’s success.

Fan Engagement and Humor

Shah Rukh’s interaction with fans on social media platforms offers a glimpse into his playful demeanor and relatable charm. During an “Ask SRK” session, a fan humorously requested more affordable options from D’Yavol X, prompting Shah Rukh to jest about his inability to secure discounts even as the brand ambassador. The exchange not only highlights Shah Rukh’s candid rapport with his audience but also reflects the brand’s commitment to accessibility and inclusivity in fashion.


D’Yavol X emerges as more than just a luxury streetwear brand; it symbolizes the creative synergy between generations and the evolving landscape of Indian fashion. Aryan Khan’s artistic vision, coupled with Shah Rukh Khan’s unparalleled star power, propels D’Yavol X to the forefront of sartorial innovation and cultural relevance.

As Shah Rukh Khan continues to redefine the boundaries of stardom and style, his association with D’Yavol X reflects a deeper narrative of familial pride and creative exploration. With each campaign and collection, D’Yavol X solidifies its position as a trailblazer in the realm of luxury streetwear, resonating with a global audience hungry for bold, contemporary fashion statements.

In celebrating the intersection of talent, creativity, and legacy, D’Yavol X embodies the spirit of modernity and innovation, charting a course for the future of Indian fashion on the global stage.


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