Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan Accuses Higher Education Minister R Bindu of Illegality in Senate Meeting Dispute

In a heated exchange of words, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan has accused state Higher Education Minister R Bindu of ignorance and disrespect towards the law and the judiciary. The confrontation arose from a dispute over the chairing of a senate meeting at Kerala University, highlighting tensions between the executive and legislative branches of the state.

Governor’s Allegations:

Governor Arif Mohammed Khan did not mince words as he criticized Minister R Bindu, alleging her of attempting to intrude illegally into the senate meeting at Kerala University. He emphasized that only the chancellor or an authorized representative designated by the chancellor holds the authority to preside over such meetings. Governor Khan condemned the perceived violation of law and assured that appropriate action would be taken.

Minister’s Defense:

Minister R Bindu, however, refuted Governor Khan’s accusations, asserting that she acted within her rights as the pro-chancellor to chair the senate meeting. She maintained that her actions were in accordance with university rules and protocol, directly contradicting the governor’s assertions.

Clash of Authorities:

The clash between Governor Khan and Minister Bindu underscores broader tensions regarding the delineation of powers and authority within the Kerala state government. The dispute highlights the complex interplay between executive oversight and ministerial autonomy, raising questions about accountability and governance.

Legal Implications:

The disagreement between the governor and the minister has significant legal implications, particularly concerning the interpretation and application of university statutes and regulations. The resolution of this dispute will likely hinge on a careful examination of relevant legal provisions and precedents.

Impact on Governance:

The public spat between Governor Khan and Minister Bindu has cast a shadow over the functioning of higher education institutions in Kerala. The controversy threatens to undermine confidence in the integrity and stability of the state’s educational governance framework.

Call for Resolution:

In light of the escalating tensions, there is a pressing need for dialogue and reconciliation between the governor’s office and the higher education ministry. Both sides must prioritize constructive engagement and mutual respect to address the underlying issues and restore institutional harmony.


The dispute between Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and Higher Education Minister R Bindu represents a critical juncture in Kerala’s governance landscape. As the state grapples with competing interests and interpretations of authority, the resolution of this conflict will shape the trajectory of educational governance and administrative oversight. Ultimately, a commitment to transparency, accountability, and the rule of law will be essential in charting a path forward towards effective and inclusive governance in Kerala.


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