Exploring the Tranquil Intrigue of “Shakhahaari”: A Review

Sandeep Sunkad’s latest offering, “Shakhahaari,” ventures into the serene yet enigmatic world of a small town, where the local hotel owner, Subbanna, finds himself at the heart of a gripping mystery.

Set in the quaint town of Melige in Karnataka’s Thirthahalli Taluk, Subbanna’s hotel serves as a beloved sanctuary for the townsfolk. With its old-world charm and Subbanna’s congenial presence, it remains a constant amidst life’s uncertainties. However, when a murder suspect seeks refuge at the hotel, Subbanna’s tranquil existence is disrupted, plunging him into an unexpected ordeal.

The film delicately unravels the dynamics of the small town, introducing characters like Subbanna and the town’s sub-inspector, Mallikarjun. As the pursuit for the fugitive unfolds, the film explores themes of loyalty, desperation, and the unpredictability of human nature.

While “Shakhahaari” holds the promise of a gripping thriller, it adopts a leisurely pace, allowing the narrative to meander through the intricacies of everyday life. Sunkad’s intention to delve into the mundane aspects of his characters’ lives is evident, yet the film occasionally loses momentum in its endeavor to maintain a placid tone.

Despite its languid pace, “Shakhahaari” offers a nuanced portrayal of its characters, delving into their personal struggles and aspirations. Mallikarjun’s race against time to apprehend the suspect, coupled with Subbanna’s unexpected involvement, adds layers of complexity to the narrative.

Overall, “Shakhahaari” presents a tranquil yet intriguing exploration of human nature against the backdrop of a small town. While its unhurried approach may test the patience of some viewers, its portrayal of ordinary lives intertwined with extraordinary circumstances makes for a compelling watch.


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