Evolution of Vehicle Customization: What GTA 6 Should Bring to the Table

As the gaming community eagerly anticipates the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6, expectations soar regarding the potential enhancements to the game’s vehicle customization system. With GTA 5 and its multiplayer mode, GTA Online, setting a high bar for vehicular modifications, fans are hungry for even more extensive options in the upcoming installment of the iconic franchise.

The Quest for Enhanced Customization:

  1. Personalized Vinyl Creation:
    While GTA Online offers an array of predetermined liveries for vehicles, the next frontier in customization lies in empowering players to craft their own vinyl designs. Drawing inspiration from modern racing games, such as Need For Speed Heat and F1 23, GTA 6 could introduce a simplified vinyl system akin to the iconic NFS Underground 2. Enabling players to layer different designs to form unique liveries would add a new dimension of creativity to vehicle customization.
  2. Revamping the Crew Emblem Feature:
    Building upon existing mechanics, Rockstar has the opportunity to reshape the Crew Emblem feature into a comprehensive vinyl creator. By integrating this functionality, players can seamlessly translate their crew affiliations and personal branding into bespoke vehicle designs. This transformation not only enhances customization but also fosters a sense of identity and camaraderie within the gaming community.

Anticipating the Future of Vehicle Modification:

With GTA 6 poised to redefine the boundaries of open-world gaming, the integration of innovative customization options represents a pivotal aspect of its evolution. As players await the unveiling of Rockstar’s latest masterpiece, the prospect of shaping their automotive fantasies with unparalleled depth and intricacy fuels excitement and speculation alike.


As we embark on the countdown to the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, the realm of vehicle customization stands as a beacon of anticipation and possibility. With the promise of personalized vinyl creation and a reimagined Crew Emblem feature, players eagerly await the opportunity to leave their mark on the streets of the next-generation sandbox. Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries surrounding GTA 6 and its groundbreaking innovations in vehicular modification.


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