Stories in the Kitchen: Two Generations, Two Journeys on Social Media

In the vibrant world of social media, where stories unfold in every frame, two individuals from different generations have carved their paths through food, visuals, and the art of storytelling. Meet Vijay Nischal, fondly known as dadi, and Sahini Banerjee, a passionate storyteller, both leaving their mark on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Vijay Nischal: From Retired Teacher to Instagram Sensation

At the age of 85, Vijay Nischal defies stereotypes as she captivates over a million followers on Instagram within just three-and-a-half months. A retired teacher based in Delhi, Vijay’s journey to fame began with the encouragement of her grandson, Krish Nischal, who recognized her culinary talent. Together, they craft quirky recipe videos where Vijay’s charm and groove steal the show.

Vijay credits her age, looks, and determination for her success, embodying the spirit of resilience and creativity. Despite the challenges of filming, she embraces each opportunity to inspire her global audience. With an iPhone 11 as her tool, Vijay and her grandson navigate the intricacies of social media, constantly innovating and refining their content.

Sahini Banerjee: Weaving Tales Through Food and Visuals

Sahini Banerjee, a Delhi-based storyteller armed with an MSc in Biotech, infuses her love for food and storytelling into captivating narratives. Inspired by movies and personal experiences, Sahini’s videos transcend mere visuals, offering glimpses into her life, marriage, and culinary explorations.

Each frame in Sahini’s videos reflects her passion for blending foreign techniques with Indian flavors. From discussions with her husband to explorations of lunchboxes, Sahini’s storytelling transcends boundaries, engaging her audience with every tale she weaves.

Crafting Consistency and Growth in the Digital Space

Both Vijay and Sahini navigate the challenges of content creation with determination and creativity. While Vijay finds inspiration in unique starts and ends for each video, Sahini invests hours into scripting, filming, and editing, striving for perfection in every frame.

For Sahini, brand sponsorships on Instagram and other monetization avenues fuel her journey towards full-time content creation. With a focus on consistency across platforms, Sahini aims to establish a stable income stream while nurturing her growing community.

Chef’s Tips: Lessons from the Kitchen

  1. Unique Beginnings and Endings: Vijay emphasizes the importance of uniqueness in every video’s start and end, capturing viewers’ attention from the first frame.
  2. Blend Visuals with Words: Sahini highlights the power of storytelling, blending visuals and words to create immersive experiences for her audience.
  3. Consistency and Improvement: Both creators stress the importance of continuous practice and improvement in camera work and content creation, fostering stronger connections with their audience.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Vijay Nischal and Sahini Banerjee stand as testament to the transformative power of storytelling and creativity, inspiring millions with every frame and recipe shared.


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