Relief and Joy as Qatar Releases Indian Naval Personnel Sentenced to Death

The Indian National Congress expressed immense relief and joy at the news of Qatar releasing eight former Indian naval personnel, who were previously handed death sentences nearly three and a half months ago. The Congress extended warm greetings to the veterans and their families, marking a moment of solace after a period of uncertainty and concern.

According to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), seven of the released individuals have safely returned to India. The MEA also conveyed India’s appreciation for the decision made by the Amir of Qatar, highlighting his role in facilitating the release and repatriation of the Indian nationals.

The Navy veterans had been sentenced to death by Qatar’s Court of First Instance on October 26 last year, following suspicions of espionage. However, the Court of Appeal in Qatar intervened on December 28, commuting the capital punishment to jail terms of varying durations.

In a statement shared on ‘X’, Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh expressed solidarity with the entire nation, celebrating the homecoming of the eight former Indian Navy personnel. Ramesh emphasized the collective relief and happiness felt across the country, echoing sentiments of goodwill towards the veterans and their families.

The successful resolution of this challenging situation underscores the importance of diplomatic efforts and international cooperation in safeguarding the rights and well-being of individuals caught in legal disputes abroad. As the veterans return to their homeland, their ordeal serves as a reminder of the value of solidarity and support in times of adversity.

The release of the Indian naval personnel not only marks a triumph of justice but also reaffirms the enduring bonds between nations, fostering hope and optimism for a future characterized by mutual respect and understanding.


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