Advocating for a New District: The Polavaram Zilla Sadhana Samithi Movement

In the heart of Andhra Pradesh, amidst the tranquil landscapes of Polavaram and Rampachodavaram, a fervent movement is underway, transcending political lines and ideologies. The aspiration? To carve out a new district with Polavaram as its nucleus, resonating with the voices of civil society representatives and tribal communities alike.

In the backdrop of historical neglect and unmet promises, the Polavaram Zilla Sadhana Samithi (PZSS) emerges as a beacon of hope, spearheading the call for administrative autonomy and development. With Polavaram and Rampachodavaram Assembly constituencies at its core, the quest for a separate district gains momentum, fueled by the aspirations of the people.

Reflecting on the past, the movement recalls the 2022 dismissal by the ruling YSR Congress party of a similar plea for district formation centered at Rampachodavaram. Undeterred, the PZSS rises anew, determined to shape the narrative and secure commitments from political entities vying for power in the impending 2024 general elections.

At the forefront of this advocacy is the Polavaram-based PZSS, led by dedicated members like S. Rajasekhar Babu, who articulate the vision with unwavering determination. Their resolve finds expression in strategic engagements, from grassroots mobilization to poignant appeals to elected representatives.

In a recent development, Polavaram MLA Tellam Balaraju acknowledges the pressing need for a new district, offering assurance to elevate the demand to the highest echelons of governance. Such gestures signal a glimmer of hope, igniting optimism among supporters and stakeholders alike.

The journey towards districthood is marked by symbolic acts of solidarity, exemplified by the forthcoming ‘Vanta-Varpu’ on the banks of the sacred river Godavari in Polavaram. Here, awareness intertwines with action, propelling the movement forward with renewed vigor and purpose.

Yet, amidst the fervor, challenges loom large. The PZSS confronts the formidable task of unifying diverse tribal communities and displaced families, bridging divides and fostering inclusivity in pursuit of a common goal.

As the countdown to the general elections accelerates, the destiny of Polavaram and Rampachodavaram hangs in the balance. The quest for a new district transcends political exigencies, embodying the collective aspirations of a populace yearning for empowerment and progress.

In the annals of Andhra Pradesh’s socio-political landscape, the Polavaram Zilla Sadhana Samithi movement emerges as a testament to the indomitable spirit of grassroots activism and the enduring quest for equitable governance. As the tide of change surges, the echoes of Polavaram’s aspirations resonate far and wide, beckoning towards a future defined by unity, resilience, and promise.


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