Remembering Bob Edwards: A Tribute to a Radio Icon

Bob Edwards, the iconic voice of NPR’s Morning Edition, has passed away at the age of 76, leaving behind a legacy that shaped the sound of morning radio for millions of listeners. For over two decades, his voice became synonymous with the start of the day, guiding audiences through the day’s news with a unique blend of authority and warmth.

Described as the consummate newsman, Edwards’ approach to storytelling set the bar for journalism at NPR and beyond. Despite his casual demeanor, often clad in jeans and an untucked flannel shirt, his dedication to the craft of writing and delivering the news was unwavering. Trained by former CBS journalist Ed Bliss, Edwards honed his skills in simplicity and depth, ensuring that every story resonated with his audience.

Margaret Low, who worked alongside Edwards at NPR, recalls his commitment to journalism and the art of storytelling. From his office overlooking CBS News, he crafted his narratives with precision on a manual typewriter, the rhythmic click of the keys punctuating the quiet of the early morning hours.

But beyond his journalistic prowess, Edwards was known for his humor and warmth, traits that endeared him to listeners and colleagues alike. His on-air chemistry with Susan Stamberg and his legendary conversations with sports broadcaster Red Barber are fondly remembered as highlights of his career.

As NPR’s President and CEO, John Lansing, aptly notes, Edwards understood the intimate connection between audio journalism and its audience, becoming a trusted voice in the daily lives of millions. His deep, warm baritone and confident delivery will be forever ingrained in the memories of those who tuned in each morning.

In tribute to Bob Edwards, we remember not only his contributions to journalism but also the indelible mark he left on the medium of radio. His legacy lives on in the countless stories he shared and the impact he had on shaping the way we consume news. Rest in peace, Bob Edwards, and thank you for your dedication to the art of storytelling.


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