BTS Leader RM Pens Heartfelt Note for Fans After Lunar New Year

BTS leader Kim Namjoon, known as RM, touched the hearts of fans with a heartfelt note shared on the fan community forum Weverse, a day after Lunar New Year. Expressing his hopes for the future and gratitude towards fans, RM’s message resonated deeply with ARMYs worldwide.

In his note, RM expressed his well-being and mentioned enjoying traditional rice cake soup during the Lunar New Year festivities. He also conveyed his anticipation for the next Lunar New Year when he can reunite with fans, emphasizing his commitment to making the most of his time until then.

Furthermore, RM wished fans good health and an abundance of positive experiences, expressing his desire for the enduring connection between BTS and ARMYs to continue. The sincerity and warmth in his words left fans feeling touched and grateful for his unwavering love and support.

Fans flooded social media with emotional responses to RM’s message, expressing appreciation for his thoughtfulness and sending their own heartfelt wishes in return. RM’s message served as a reminder of the special bond between BTS and ARMYs, inspiring hope and unity among fans worldwide.

As fans eagerly await the next Lunar New Year, RM’s words serve as a beacon of hope and reassurance, reaffirming the enduring connection and mutual love between BTS and their dedicated fanbase.


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